• Stranger Things Filming , the world´s largest unofficial ST channel, 2 of 2 songs was accepted despite a low acceptance rate of 1% at the current time (figure above)
  • In 2023, Ai Accident was featured on the We Rule Nation youtube channel (a a subsidiary of NewRetroWave, LLC, the world´s largest platform for synthwave music) 
  • In 2021 and 2022, Ai Accident was featured twice by the world´s largest synthwave youtube channel New Retro Wave (NRW). The songs (Dream Drive and Cotton Candy Crisis) were streamed more than 20k times within the subsequent first month respectively. This was one of many dream key milestones for the producer, video-, and music creator Ai Accident.
  • Ai accident was featured in the IG channel of Real Madrid fanclub channel Lavozgalactica (inofficial)
  • Ai accident was featured in the Music webzine LastDayDef 
  • In 2021, Pixboproductions delivered the first products of a presumably long term collaboration with the professional aerial artist Cirkus Annika (commercial media material and an Ai music video, release date October 16, 2021
  • In 2021, AI Accident released the first song on vinyl, specifically through the community www.polyphonicunderground.com Infact, the community was the product of this initative, namely to release a compilation of music by musicians from all over the world
  • In 2021, Ai Accident was featured on various Mixcloud sets and also underground FM radio shows, for example Synthicity Rocks 137 and Source FM UK
  • In 2020-2021 Ai Accident joined 2 charity digital compilations albums, released by Three Eyed Cat Records
  • Ai Accident was featured by the 44k subscriber IG channel Elf Pirate and subsequently also an accompanying Twitch live stream of the channel thereof
  • Ai Accident is continuously in collaboration with artists and producers within the genres of synthmusic and synthwave
  • Ai Accident was featured in magazine We Rave You 2020, Written by Ellie Mullin:
  • In 2021, Ai Accident was featured on the Paracelsian Records bandcamp chiptune compilation “Game Over”
  • Ai Accident was featured in Phoneix98FM, Artist´s Academy, written by Paul Golder
  • Pixboproductions also produced the deliberately “silly and supposed to be” humouristic Christmas band “Sack Me Santa”. A Christmas Carol was released in 2020 in both an English version (Dear Santa I have no money left) and a Swedish version (Tomtefar jag har inga pengar kvar)
  • Pixboproductions is in discussions with an established movie director for a possible movie soundtrack production (very far future).
  • Pixboproductions is in discussions with a mobile platform game startup regarding scoring of a few games (mid future).
  • In 2020-2021, Ai Accident was featured 3 times in the UK Homebrew electronica show
  • In 2020, Ai Accident was featured twice i the Lucas Gill´s Supernova Show (Glitterbeam Radio)
  • In 2021, Ai accident released a collaboration hybrid semi-original remix  of the songs “Neon Moon – Cruel World” with the Australian synthwave producer Matt Hodges and the Singer of Six Floor Memories. More specifically, the remix was a hybrid of the two original songs and with an added original chorus-, and instrumental part.
  • In 2021, Ai accident released a collaboration remix “Mirroring” with Darwin McD and the UK singer and song writer Mark Bebb (member and vocalist in the synthpop bands Shelter and Form). The remix was an elaborate semi-original creation with mulltiple added original elements, the highlight being the Ai Accident signature cinnematic and chilled lead guitar (= “the Cure-ish” feel).

Ai accident is default interested in collaborations of most kinds…

For any inquiry, please contact: pixboproductions@gmail.com