This site is supposed to be my daydream window to the global music community. My blue eyed ambition is sheer joy creation with friends via original music productions and late night studio recordings. Over time, a “smorgasbord” of music within a broad range of genres will be released and shared herein. Most importantly, here are my most recent tune. Enjoy!


My very first project and release was named X-Bit Moose – “Too Independent” (video link above). Below is a picture of the control panel of the pixboproduction studio.

As video production both from the GoPro ground and via the Mavic Drone airspace is within the comfort zone of the site owner, all original releases will be accompanied by video productions.

Despite early days, the artist Ai Accident of Pixbo Productions was featured in…

  • Stranger Things Filming (the world´s largest unofficial ST channel)
  • Real Madrid fanclub channel Lavozgalactica (inofficial)
  • Music webzine LastDayDef 
  • Pixbo productions have also initiated a long term collaboration with an aerial artist for general commercial media production purposes and music video production (near future, artist name to be announced after finalization and release of the first project) 

Pixboproductions is also in discussions with an established movie director for a possible movie soundtrack production (far future).


contact: pixboproductions@gmail.com